Costa Rica Travel Guide

Welcome to What Costa Rica, your one stop website where you can find everything you could possibly want to know about this enchanting country. So what are you waiting for? Delve in and explore our Costa Rica travel guide from the paradise Pacific and Caribbean coastlines through volcanic and mountainous valleys, national parks and some of the world's most varied flora and fauna, the possibilities are endless in Costa Rica!

About Costa Rica

Get the lowdown on everything Costa Rican! From historical icons and 14 minute battles to when... Read more

What to Do

Get off the beaten track and let your hair down in a typical Tico club where the guaro is flowing and... Read more

Places to Visit

There is never enough time to see everything in Costa Rica. You'll want to explore it all, from... Read more

Learn here Costa Rica's historical background is a...

Culture & the Arts

Costa Rica is characterised by the multiple influences that have given rise to an incredible hybrid culture - a fusion of styles and traditions from all over the globe. From museums and music to dancing and fiestas, culture and the arts in Costa Rica are one of the best ways to understand the complexities of the country. Read more

Planning Your Trip

Don't leave home without checking out our top tips on safety and practicalities in Costa Rica! This section contains everything you need to know when planning your trip. How to get grom A to B, where to stay, visa and safety advice and where to learn a bit of the local lingo. Read more

On this guide

In this guide you’ll find all the necessary information to plan your trip to Costa Rica. To make it simpler, we’ve divided all the information into easily identifiable sections, starting with history and finishing with the maps that you’ll need to get around.