Wildlife in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wild nature

Costa Rica is a nature lovers' paradise, home to some of the most diverse and interesting flora and fauna on the planet. Around 615 different species can be found per 10,000 square km, meaning that Costa Rica's wildlife is the most densely concentrated in the world.

Costa Rica's diverse selection of flora and fauna is due to the geographical location of the country, neatly placed between North and South America with close proximity to the caribbean, Costa Rica benefits from the ecosystems of all these regions collectively. In addition to this Costa Rica's weather allows for this fusion of natural delights to survive in a variety of different habitats. It is also maintained so wonderfully due to the fact that Costa Rica's ecological policy ensures that 25% of its surface area is protected from development. This has given rise to the enormous number of National Parks and Nature Reserves which are just waiting to be explored and which make Costa Rica one of the most coveted destinations for ecotourism.

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