Culture and the Arts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica street art

Costa Rican culture is a rich and vibrant mix of many different influences and traditions. As you travel across the country you will come across provincial towns where folk culture predominates, traces of Spanish colonialism merged with Caribbean customs and lifestyles. All in all Costa Rica is a unique central american country with a very special vibe which is just begging to be explored, questionned and appreciated.

Ticos themselves and the various different communities within the country are what make up much of what Costa Rica is today. They are welcoming and relaxed people with a reputation for working hard and partying passionately. You will find this when you explore Costa Rica's nightlife and when you experience the workings of day to day life all over the country, from big metropolises like San José to tiny coastal villages.

Similarly, much of Costa Rica's history and culture can be better understood through artistic representation and expression. The differences in music and cuisine throughout the different Costa Rican provinces offer strong clues as to the cultural traditions of each region, just as the architecture often serves as an umbilical cord to the past. Click on the following links to find out more about Costa Rican culture and arts.